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Booking a full service Escort Paris from our establishment means that there is a wide range of ordeals you can enjoy without much dismay. Escort Ladies Paris likes to make sure that the various sexual experiences we provide to our customers take care of their lascivious needs. You can get your preferred sex contact in a number of different variations and cheap rates packages since they are highly adept in a number of different erotic services. Most of the people that come to France usually want to have a number of different services to entertain them because it tends to get a bit boring after a little while if the paid tête-à-tête is not continuously reshaped. One of the most popular happy hour packages in our catalogue that you can enjoy with a low budget Escort Paris is the fetish service. With this special service you can easily make sure that you are able to get the kind of experience you want without having to pay extra fees. As we explained before there are many different inclinations that one has. A fetish like intense intercourse with a BDSM mistress is something that most people who are comfortable with their sexual likes are into. Dominatrix hookers are some of the most favored in this service. Latex and PVC inclinations are also widely admired. There are countless erotic ordeals that come under this banner and this is why this affordable package is well-received. There are also other kinky services that you can enjoy with a cheap Escort Paris like A-Level and multiple shots included GFE sex. This service enables our customers to get the most out of their money without ever having to pay extra for a second or third shot. Other agencies would charge you extra right after the hour is complete and you’d have to fork over more cash by the time you end with extra balls. Since our primary service includes the multiple times sex benefit, you can rest easy knowing that you aren’t going to be left bleeding for pennies towards the end of your time with your all included Escort Paris. There is also the highly appreciated nuru massage service that has provided a lot of relief to a lot of thirsty souls for many years. With this package you do not need to go out searching for some local massage parlors and hit on the masseuses. There is a better option than getting into trouble in some public place where you don’t have to. This service coupled with our outcall facility can enable you to get your favored erotic massages with happy ending in the comfort of your residence without much hassle. A busty Escort Paris of your dreams from our top-rated agency is going to be inexplicably proficient in all the B2B services you desire.

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Sightseeing in France has to be one of the most memorable things you can do with your petite GFE Escort Paris. This famous city is one of the most popular tourist sights on the planets for good reason. It is mostly due to its delightful and charming ambiance. There is a lot to do in Paris and if you are someone who is planning to make a short trip here without knowing of all the various things you can enjoy, then you do not need to worry about anything because our Escort Ladies Paris agency has got you covered. There are different places you can visit and experience with your young sugar babe. This city is full of surprises that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their differing tastes as Paris has something for everyone. If you are the type of person that enjoys edible delights, then there is a lot to savor with a beautiful redhead or brunette Escort Paris with you. If you are the kind of person that likes going on amorous walks through delightful and exuberant walkways, then you can do so with ease. If you like checking out various tourist attractions, then this city has the most world famous places you can go to. If you like laid back settings and hip environments, then some quality time with a roleplay Escort Paris is going to be unbelievably refreshing here. There is a lot you can do in this city and this place has a very interesting way of keeping people entertained. Paris is going to dazzle you regardless of where you originate from. The different places that you can visit include the famous Eiffel tower. This spot is one of the most amorous attraction to visit and also one of the most recommended. It is often crowded with people but if you like visiting famous landmarks for some seriously sensual times with your favorite sex whore, then this is definitely the place for you. For refreshments there are eateries and food stalls nearby that you can use to bring some more delight into the time with a chubby BBW Escort Paris. If you are looking for a more vivid way to explore the French capital, then there is the critically acclaimed illumination tour. This is one of the most convenient ways to get to know the city and all it has to offer in terms of erotic adult amusement. After enjoying delightful edibles in a pleasurable and divine French eatery, your driver will pick you from the restaurant and you will move into a unique old school vehicle. It is one of the unique French symbols known everywhere world-wide. Your private chauffeur will drive you across the city as you stand out from the transparent roof of the vehicle. You’re going to pass the celebrated floodlit landmarks, for example, the Champs Elysees, the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Arc de Triomphe and others with your cheap full night Escort Paris. This tour is surely going to enable you to explore the city in a different way.

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Private Sex Models for VIP Companionship

The Four Seasons Hotel George V is blessed with even the smallest room is still a whopping 400 square feet huge in this luxurious hotel. The suites as well as open spaces are loaded up with unique eighteenth and nineteenth century crafts and collectibles, the George V, lead of the Four Seasons, is categorized as a castle. This hotel exemplifies French guidelines of greatness and adds to improving the image of France all through-out the globe. If you decide to stay here with your deep tongue kissing Escort Paris, then you are definitely going to feel like royalty in this extravagant hotel. Another example of a great hotel used by the customers of Escort Ladies Paris agency is the Auberge Flora. Flora Mikula, one of France’s top female culinary experts, has refreshed her ideal of the exquisite eatery known as Les Saveurs de Flora as a fantasy restaurant, a little urban auberge in the eleventh arrondissement where you can mingle with your skinny Escort Paris over scrumptious and tasty French-Mediterranean foods. Inside, Paris design expert Sebastian Evry utilizes distinctive examples of rich hues as a setting for rooms with roadside views. The rooms feature vintage telephones and items from Mikula’s undertakings in Morocco and India. Bohemian, Gardener, and Nature topics motivated by the gourmet specialist’s varied interests are also widely presentable and customized according to Parisian taste. These are just some of the examples of the kind of touristy things you can do with your VIP companionship to make your stay in the city livelier. If you get a private sex model to accompany you through this journey across Paris, then you’d have the complete girlfriend experience to back you on your travels. Who doesn’t like having a female companion with them that is trained to provide you with the kind of experience you’d want with your special lady.

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The Escort Ladies Paris agency wants its customers to get the absolute best time they can have in this city and it is due to this reason that we like to cover all our bases when it comes to providing all the information they need to do exactly that. There are different restaurants in the city that you shouldn’t miss going to with your young Escort Paris. If you are looking for a restaurant that just screams different but is also an eye candy, then you should definitely think about going aboard Seine Dinner Cruise. At an incredibly inexpensive price you could enjoy breathtaking perspectives of the city and see all of the glamorous landmarks and historic places that make for a good date with a mature Escort Paris. The finest wine is available on the cruise and also some of the most delectable dishes that you could find anywhere in France are also 24 hours available on board. You could probably take our sexy MILF’s and teeny escorts on this cruise and enjoy some sensual outdoor fun in the confines of privacy too. This is just one example of numerous delightful restaurants that definitely merit a visit.

A party Escort Paris will guide you through the French Adult Nightlife

People like to take an open minded party Escort Paris clubbing and that is no surprise. However, if you are someone who is new in the city, then you may face difficulty finding the perfect adult night club to take your little lady to. You don’t need to worry about anything because like anything else, the Escort Ladies Paris agency is here to guide you and show you the way. Paris is blessed with a highly diversified flavor of erotic night clubs and adult bars that you can enjoy to the maximum degree. There is something for everyone when it comes to the Paris night life. This club is built with low roofs, reflective and tiled walls, and an unmistakably 1930’s theme, Chez Moune takes into account the wholesome Parisian design trend. DJs predominantly play electronic or rock tracks and beats here. In contrast to many other Parisian dance clubs, this one is free, so you’re always going to find a line outside full of youthful people hoping to party till the sun comes up and through the early morning hours. This club is highly popular with men who get a hot student Escort Paris to dance the night away with. People who use our English speaking escort agency prefer this club as well because it enables them to add a much needed spark into their night life that is hard to get with a lot of other local red-light clubs and bars. The Matignon is one of the more aesthetically pleasing night clubs to be at if you are looking for some lascivious pleasure. It is considered as one of the more luxury clubs to be at with a big boobs Escort Paris because of the kind of upper class society that flocks to this café regularly. When you enter the front door it is going to be full of boisterous celebrities and business people with a subtle and charming vibe that the club itself emanates. However, if you go further down, then beneath the café is one of the more colorfully exuberant parties going on aloof of the public eye. This means that a bar girl is surely going to love it here along with you because of the kind of privacy you get while going down on her on the dance floor! These clubs are part of a quite larger night life scene that you can enjoy with your teen Escort Paris. As mentioned earlier here, if you decide to visit the night life, then you are definitely going to want something you like. The clubs and bars here know that to attract people they are going to have to keep up the diversity of the way they cater to their customers and it is due to this reason that the night life is so popular with people who take a pretty Escort Paris to paint the town red.

City Guide

Hotels in Paris

Hotels in Paris

Paris is the kind of place that is well known for the kind of illustrious adventurous it provides, especially if you’re with a kinky Escort Paris. If you are the kind of person that likes to enjoy some seriously pleasing times with your escort than you will be glad to know that this city has much to offer when it comes to the finest adult entertainment. There are more than seventeen million tourists that come to the city of lights every year in search for lascivious undertakings to add such much needed dirty spark into their lives. It is due to this reason the tourism and accommodation industry is well maintained and constantly evolving to ensure that the demands of the people that come to this city are met efficiently. If you are someone who is going to be new to Paris or do not know where to stay for the best time, then you do not need to worry because the Escort Ladies Paris agency has got you covered. Our elite escort agency wants to ensure that when people get their preferred Escort Paris for some highly sensual times, they are able to so with ease in a hotel fit for them.

Le Bristol Paris

Le Bristol Paris

Situated just a few steps away from the Champs Elysées and La Madeleine Place, this wondrous hotel offers a rooftop swimming pool with mesmerizing views of the Eiffel Tower and an exquisite French garden. It also features the award winning Spa Le Bristol by La Prairie. The spacious and extravagant rooms are beautifully decorated and all include a private bathroom with a double washbasin as well as a separate shower. Le Bristol Paris features an enigmatic swimming pool with views of stunning views of Paris and Montmartre. A GFE Escort Paris is going to love you if you stay here.

Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris

Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris

Just a short walk away from the Champs-Elysées, at the Georges V Avenue, Four Seasons Hotel George V boasts private terraces with stunning Paris city views, signature flower displays conjured by Jeff Leatham along with top-of-the-line spa treatments and Michelin star dining. The magnificent rooms and suites that have terraces over-looking Paris, are fitted with a smart TV, CD/DVD player and library along with internet access as well so you can call your outcall Escort Paris with ease. An espresso coffee machine with complimentary coffee pods, a standard safe, mini bar, and in-room bread toasting facilities are the norm.

Hotel Plaza Athenee - Dorchester Collection

Hotel Plaza Athenee – Dorchester Collection

On the Avenue Montaigne in Paris, Hotel Plaza Athenee is a luxurious palace with a Dior Institute spa, five restaurants, a bar and an ice-skating rink. It offers extravagant accommodation with marble bathrooms and a five-minute walk from Avenue Champs Elysees. A plasma screen TV with over two hundred on-demand movies is accessible in all of the rooms at Hotel Plaza Athenee Paris. Guests can pick from numerous drinks from the personalized minibar in the room and different pillow types are available as well for some heavy snoozing after a highly sensual time with a 24-hour Escort Paris.

Hotel the peninsula paris

Hotel The Peninsula Paris

Just a short distance away from the Arc de Triomphe, the Peninsula hotel offers a spa, an indoor pool and a restaurant with astonishing views of Paris. Standard room features include free internet access, and long-distance calls facility that is free of charge. Parc des Princes Stadium is only a short drive away. All two hundred rooms and suites are decorated with artworks and beautiful furniture. Each room offers a generous separate dressing area with spacious luggage and wardrobe storage. This is one of the more famous hotels to stay in if you have a gorgeous Escort Paris with you.

Hotel Le Royal Monceau Raffles

Hotel Le Royal Monceau Raffles Paris

Hotel Le Royal Monceau Raffles Paris is a 5-star luxury hotel redesigned by the world-renowned designers. A short distance from the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Elysées, the hotel features a swimming pool, a spa and a spacious cinema. The expansive rooms and suites are equipped with a flat-screen TV and a chilled private bar. A shower or a bathtub is easily accessible with bathrobes and skin care toiletries featured as well. A living area with an executive desk is included also included in all rooms so that there is space for work and space for sexy times with a busty Escort Paris.

Ritz Paris

Ritz Paris

Located a short distance away from the Opera Garnier, the Ritz Paris hotel features a selection of bars, eateries, a fitness center, a relaxing spa and wellness center which includes a pool and massage facilities as well. The hotel also features a garden. All rooms have a smart TV. Certain rooms include a seating area to chill in after an exhausting day, with your Escort Paris. A terrace is also featured in certain rooms. Each room has a private bathroom. For your convenience, you will find complimentary toiletries and a hairdryer. All rooms have a minibar as well.

Le Ballu

Hotel Le Ballu

Hotel Le Ballu is an establishment that features a homey vibe when it comes to the rooms. The Decor is best described as modern but with an old touch. It has one of the most amazing indoor pools, in which you can enjoy your time with your Escort Paris thoroughly. It is open all year and can be available to you through reservation. You could probably benefit from a nice comforting swim with a young escort girl France in this pool or have sensual intercourse in the sauna. There is also a wellness centre that you could use to relax and unwind as well.

Hotel de Crillon

Hotel de Crillon

Hotel de Crillon can be found three hundred meters from both the Tuileries Garden and the Champs-Elysees and a short distance from the Louvre Museum. Some rooms have a balcony as well. The hotel boasts an indoor swimming pool and a spa. Each room at Hotel de Crillon provides Italian linen and French Drouault pillows and duvets, that you could use to have enliven your time with a dominatrix Escort Paris. The expansive marble bathrooms feature floor heating as well as toiletries and a bathroom mirror with an in-built television. A walk-in rain shower and a bath are also accessible.

Mandarin oriantal

Mandarin Oriental, Paris

Located in the city center, Mandarin Oriental, Paris is a palace hotel located in a historic building from the 1930s. It offers an indoor landscaped garden, and a spacious spa area with a gourmet restaurant awarded with 2 Michelin stars. It boasts a minimalist decor inspired by couture and renowned fashion houses. Set on separate levels, the spa and wellness center features an indoor pool that you can enjoy with your skinny French Escort Paris, a steam room and spa suites with private steam shower and changing room. You can enjoy facial and bodily treatments as well. A nuru massage might be useful here.

Prince de Galles, a Luxury Collection hotel, Paris

Prince de Galles, a Luxury Collection hotel, Paris

The Prince de Galles is 200 m from the Champs-Elysees Avenue, a 12-minute walk from the Arc de Triomphe and a 15-minute drive to the Parc des Princes Stadium. It features rooms and suites with free internet access and an Artistic patio decorated with mosaics. With an Artistically pleasing style, all accommodations are serviced by a lift and feature a smart TV, an in-room bar and a private bathroom with a bathrobe, a shower along with free toiletries. Some suites offer a balcony with views of Paris that become even more special if you are with an Escort Paris.

Park Hyatt Paris

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome

Park Hyatt Paris Vendome is a luxurious 5-star hotel beside the famous Place Vendome and a short walk from the astounding Opera Garnier. This palace hotel features a huge spa, 3 restaurants and a summer terrace to enjoy with your fetish Escort Paris. The rooms at Park Hyatt Paris Vendome are decorated in an extravagant style and include floor-to-ceiling windows with views of the street or the yard. Each one has a bathroom with bathrobes, a bathtub and rain showers. Guests can choose from a continental, buffet or American breakfast, with different prices. This hotel is especially famous with users of the Escort Ladies Paris agency due to its popularity.

La Planque Hotel

La Planque Hotel

La Planque Hotel is an aesthetic hotel that you can find in the Ile de France region with your Escort Paris. It is a 3-star hotel and it has quickly found its way to the hierarchy of popularity among customers of the Escort Ladies Paris agency. Breakfast buffet is open every morning and the shared lounge enables people to spend quality time and make acquaintances with ease. However, if you are person who values privacy and alone time, then you don’t have to worry because the rooms are air conditioned with a private bathroom as well.

Shangria Paris

Shangri-La Hotel, Paris

A prior residence of Prince Roland Bonaparte and listed in the French record of monuments of importance, Shangri-La Hotel, is a hotel palace situated across the Seine towards the Eiffel Tower. It shows both Asian hospitality and French art. It has three restaurants, of which two have a Michelin star. An indoor pool and a spa are featured. Place Trocadero can be found 500 m away. Some rooms and suites at Shangri-La Hotel, offer ravishing and mesmerizing views of the Eiffel Tower. Apart from the Signature Suites, all rooms and suites are furnished in shades of blue, white and ecru. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to call an Escort Paris here!

InterContinental Paris Le Grand

InterContinental Paris Le Grand

Intercontinental Paris Le Grand is located just a short stroll away from the Opera Garnier and Opera Metro Station. It features 2 restaurants and a health club with sauna and massage facility where tantric massages from your Escort Paris are going to be so much more exquisite. The rooms at Le Grand have satellite and cable TV with Wi-Fi access. Some rooms also boast a view of the Opera House. Each morning a continental breakfast is open to the people staying at the La Verriere. Cafe de la Paix serves seasonal and traditional cuisine.

The victorie & geminie

The Victoire and Germain inn

The Victoire and Germain inn is situated in the Saint Germain zone where you are guaranteed to have the finest time with your Escort Paris. It is only a short distance from the famous Notre- Dame Cathedral and 1.2 km from the Louver Museum. Free internet is accessible all through the lodging and 24-hour services are available. Each room in the inn features cooling and soundproofing, just as a level screen TV and an espresso machine. All washrooms have a shower, hairdryer and free toiletries. A mature hooker would probably love this spot for some sensual love making, so look forward to it.

Fauchon L'Hotel Paris

Fauchon L’Hotel Paris

It is located closed close to Madeleine Metro station, Fauchon l’Hotel features accommodation with a fitness zone and a Spa center as well. This property is a short distance from attractions such as the Olympia concert hall, refine shops and other landmarks. Free WiFi is available. The rooms and suites have air conditioning and a flat-screen TV with cable channels. They also have private bathrooms with a shower, free toiletries and a hairdryer as well. A VIP Escort Paris is going to love you more than anything if you stay here.

Grande Powers Hotel

Grand Powers Hotel

With a residence at this hotel you can stay in the heart of Paris. Situated in Paris’ Golden Triangle, Grand Power is a boutique hotel in the 8th arrondissement. Guests residing at the hotel can enjoy the spa which has a Turkish bath, a sauna and a hot tub as well. Some rooms and suites are decorated with parquet and a chimney, and some offer a balcony and views of the Eiffel. The bathrooms have Dyptique toiletries so you can rest easy knowing that your golden shower Escort Paris is going to be especially thankful to you for choosing this hotel.


Nolinski Paris

Nolinski Paris is set in the 1st arrondissement District of the city, 500 m from Tuileries Garden and within reach of the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore shopping area. This Parisian 5-star hotel features a spa with a pool, a sauna, a hammam and massage zones. Simply put, there’s nothing better than spending time with your preferred teeny Escort Paris in this hotel’s spa!

Hotel Splendide Royal Paris - Relais & Chateaux

Hotel Splendide Royal Paris – Relais & Chateaux

Hotel Splendide Royal Paris – Relais & Châteaux is located in Paris at a 6-minute walk from the Champs-Elysees and 1.1 km from the Opera Garnier. The hotel provides free WiFi. Each room has a smart TV, a refrigerated minibar and a seating area to relax in. Each room has a private bathroom with bathrobes if you were in the dirty mood with your Escort Paris.

Hotel Eiffel Paris

Hotel Eiffel Blomet

Hotel Eiffel Blomet is one of the more interesting places to enjoy with your Escort Paris because this hotel features a wide variety of facilities that you may not have otherwise expected. There is a coffee machine and a kettle in the room, along with the hotel being equipped with a sauna, along with a pool as well. This hotel is recurrently visited by customers of the Escort Ladies Paris agency due to its exquisite amenities.

Nightlife in Paris

Nightlife in Paris

The nightlife in Paris has to be one of the most exciting and joyous ever because it carries various aspects to it that you may not find anywhere else. The nightlife in this city is especially designed in a sort of way that caters to people who just want to have a fun time with a juicy ass Escort Paris. People do not realize it at first but the clubs and bars are specifically for those people who like to let loose and ensure that they have a good time without having to restrain themselves too much. Finding this kind of quality in nightlife may prove difficult for those people who are new to Paris and do not know where to go in order to find the perfect club or bar. You do not need to worry about anything because the Escort Ladies Paris agency is here to make sure that you know exactly where to go to have the most fun. At the end of the day, everyone just wants to make sure that they are able to get the most out of their time when they are with an Escort Paris.

La concrete

La Concrete

Are you a fan of the techno and house genres? Concrete is one of Paris’s premium music venues where you can expect wild parties that go on night and day. These parties feature French and internationally renowned DJs. The performances are just as incredible as the venue. It is located on the edge of the Seine River where you can enjoy some magnificent sunrise views whilst partying away until the early hours with your Escort Paris. This club is fairly inexpensive and it is also one of the most popular clubs ever.

Le Gibus

Le Gibus

Located by Paris’s homosexual neighborhood, le Marais, Gibus Club is one of the most amazing gay clubs Paris has to offer. Along with rock music, regular gigs and club nights, this place stays lively throughout the year. If you were thinking about taking your male Escort Paris to a night out of fun, then this is definitely the place to be at. With two dance floors, international themed parties and an impressive line-up of artists, this club proves time and time again that the homosexual community knows how to party!



The decor in this club is highly retro and along with the tasty cocktails and astounding sound system, this place gives its customers a relaxing vibe. It is situated in the Bastille district of Paris, Badaboum is all about the house genre of music with a laid back feel. A place to let loose, drink, chat and dance the night away with your active rimming Escort Paris. This club is definitely the place to be at.

Le yoyo

Le Yoyo

What looks like a remnant of the Roman Empire from the outside is in fact a club? No to mention that you are going to love it here! Le Yoyo is located in the basement of a contemporary art museum on the Westside of Paris. This venue is used for many events including a spacious area for music and club nights with your special Escort Paris. The people who regularly use the Escort Ladies Paris agency especially like this club because it enables them to get a taste for a historic sense of partying and going wild.

le truskel

Le Truskel

Combining a Celtic style with a miniaturized club feeling, this hotspot of venereal desire and parties located in the Grands Boulevards neighborhood highlights energizing electro-pop, and punk music played by professional performers and DJs all night. Packed with a dominant pack of Anglophone artists, the club fills in as the spot for after parties for swarms spilling out from the Olympia show that is close by. People who have a high class Escort Paris with them can easily make good use of this club because it makes sure that they can get the most out of their money as well.

Le Montana

Le Montana

The Le Montana is one of those highly exclusive clubs that has created a reputation for itself of being one of the most energizing places to be at after hours with a sexy Escort Paris. Grab a big boobs escort lady and head on down to where the DJ is spinning into a world of musical euphoria and enchanting girls dancing the night away! The people who like to work as an escort girl on their own timings like to come to this place after their job is done to relax and unwind as well.

Restaurants in Paris

Restaurants in Paris

Restaurants in Paris are some of the most amazing places to eat ever. For one, this city is known for its amorous charm and delightful women. It is due to this reason that the places you go to for fine dining would be designed and decorated in such a way that creates a romantic aura in the room with you and your Escort Paris. The restaurant owners know that the people who come to their place of business to eat and enjoy quality time with their adult companions would want to do so with the finest service. Nobody wants to visit a restaurant that has poor quality of services, especially when they’re with an exotic escort model that wants a reason to drop her panties for her client. This is why it is so important to make sure that the place you are going to is one of quality and top reviews. This is why the Escort Ladies Paris agency wants to make sure that you have sufficient knowledge when it comes to where to go for fine dining. The economy and travel industry in Paris benefits greatly from the romantic aesthetic of the city. It is due to this reason; there are so many business owners that have opened up flashy restaurants in Paris that do not exactly have the greatest service. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back, you’re going to enjoy the best time with your Escort Paris if we have anything to do about it!



Quite ahead of the current vegetarian and vegan trend that has taken over, Alain Passard has made vegetables the star of his cuisine since the early 2000s at his Three-Michelin-star restaurant Arpège. The highly esteemed chef, who favors cooking meat on the flame for the best results, also uses similar open-flame cooking methods for his veggies, creating a range of interesting flavors, textures and colors. Since it’s such a critically acclaimed restaurant it is absolutely wonderful in both service and aesthetics. If you take your OWO Escort Paris to this restaurant, you are surely going to be rewarded later on.

Le George

Le George

Situated within the luxurious Four Seasons George V Hotel, Le George received its first Michelin-star in 2017 for Chef Simone Zanoni’s modern Mediterranean-style cooking. Designed for sharing and with a focus on light, healthy dishes, the menu uniquely offers plates that can also be shared between two for a more relaxed and chill style of dining. People like taking their Escort Paris to this place because it enables a more intimate level of bonding before they take her back to their room.

Palais Royal Restaurant

Palais Royal Restaurant

The one star Palais Royal Restaurant is hidden away in the Jardins du Palais-Royal, where French writer Colette lived during her final years, so this adds a bit of history into the mix. Its secluded location in the gardens means that aside from many other Michelin star restaurants, it features a sunny outdoor terrace, making it a particularly lovely spot for leisurely lunches and refreshing summer evenings with your Escort Paris.

Frenchie paris


Frenchie has been a long-time favorite restaurant for Parisians looking for exquisite food in a stylish environment. After Frenchie’s Chef Greg Marchand was awarded his first Michelin star at the restaurant in January 2019, this achievement motivated more and more people to visit it. It’s not often in Paris you can find a five course Michelin star menu at fairly modest prices. The unique menu changes every two weeks and is not disclosed anywhere online, which makes it a surprise every time anyone goes. So you can rest assured knowing that if you take your favored Escort Paris to this spot than you are definitely going to be in professional hands.

Sightseeing in Paris

Sightseeing in Paris

Sightseeing in Paris is one of the most exciting activities to do in the city. The city of lights is known for having some of the most world famous landmarks and places of interest to visit. Regardless of your likes and dislikes, if you do not make an effort to check out Paris and all brings to the table of tourism, then you are definitely going to be missing out. Usually people like to their Escort Paris on a tour across the city because of its romantic vibe. This city has something for everyone regardless from which part of the world they are coming from. Every person has different likes and dislikes, be it restaurants, artistic landmarks, aesthetic buildings or a just a simple tour of it all to see what’s what. There is a reason why this city has held its place in the hearts of millions all over the world. That reason is that Paris never ceases to amaze. Whether it’s the rich culture or the history from which it was born. There is something every person can appreciate because we know that an A-Level Escort Paris from our agency is surely going to.

Pompidou Centre

Pompidou Centre

The Paris Pompidou Centre is another world renowned tourist attraction that serves as a break from the old age French monuments. Refreshingly centering the heart of Paris as a modern architectural phenomenon, the Pompidou Centre is devoted to contemporary works of art, offering an expansive European art collection, some movie theaters, a huge library, show venues, cafes, a music institute, and Le George’s top restaurant. The Pompidou Centre’s modern glass and metal exterior, exuberant colors, and transparent escalator tubes create an ambitious escape from other Parisian tourist attractions. This is definitely one of the top places to visit with your Escort Paris if you haven’t already.

Musee Carnavalet

Musee Carnavalet

The Musee Carnavalet definitely merits a visit. Made of two mansions within the Marais, the Hotel Carnavalet and le Peletier de Saint-Fargeau, Carnavalet opened in 1880 as a space devoted to Paris’s history, from its origins to current times. The collections include ancient artifacts, various memorabilia from the French Revolution, furniture of the 15th century through the 19th, and works of art that illustrate the problems and victories over these centuries. The Musee Carnavalet also includes the Archeological crypt of the ile de la Cite Notre Dame and the Catacombs of Paris, which, as of 2009, is now closed to the general public due to littering and vandalism. However, people still love to visit this place with their Escort Paris. These are just some of the main attractions that utilizers of the Escort Ladies Paris agency’s services go to, but rest assured there is much more this city has to offer!

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